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Installation Of The Free Scraper

We are so confident that this tool will increase your sales, we are giving you a FREE SCRAPER for the Lost and Found Category on Craigslist. You must install the free scraper first. Installation of this scraper will ensure that all the necessary files will be installed prior to purchasing one of our powerful scrapers. Don't worry, it's simple...let's get started!

  • Download Active Perl
  • Download the setup files for the scraper
  • Unzip and open the "setup files" folder
  • Connect to the internet. Double click the "install.pl" icon. All the necessary modules will be downloaded.
  • Double click the Lost and Found folder. You will see the 7 files necessary to run the scraper.
  • Open the Keywords file. Enter the keyword "dog". Save the Keywords file.
  • Double click the scraper icon...thousands of email addresses are now being returned to the emails file!
  • Now all of the necessary files have been dowloaded. If you purchase a scraper, simply enter your keywords, then double click the scraper icon.
  • After the scraper is finished, scrub your email list using CSVED

  • Scrub Your Email List With CSVED

    We have provided a free email list management tool called CSVED. It will remove any duplicates and filter all "@craigslist.org" email addresses.

    Click the YouTube image on the left to watch the video tutorial